Our Products

Our Products

Our Products

Highrize Original Minis

“California’s friend-maker.”  

Packaged in a durable (and recyclable) pocket-friendly tin, our minis are built for the active lifestyle.  Our tins are designed and packed to maintain the integrity of each mini, even after opening, nothing crushed or bent.  12 mini pre-rolls totaling 4 grams are available in Premium Flower and Hash Infused (with 15% bubble hash) tins.


Highrize Tubes

A variety of tubes totaling .7 gram, 1 gram, and 2 grams.  Available in both Premium Flower and 15% Hash Infused.

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Premium Flower

Hand selected and farm-direct from our network of cultivators.


Hash Infused

Premium flower dusted with 15% bubble hash, sourced from our top-quality extractors.